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3 Factors to Consider When Water Well Drilling March 29, 2017

Nogal, Lincoln
3 Factors to Consider When Water Well Drilling, Nogal, New Mexico

Water well drilling may sound like a straightforward process, but as the team at Usrey Drilling in Ruidoso, NM, explains, there is more to drilling than picking a part of your property and using a drill. There are several important preparatory steps that should be taken before a well company arrives on your property to drill.

Consider the following factors before you start water well drilling:

  • Your Needs: There are a wide range of reasons you could use water on your property, from everyday uses, like drinking and plumbing to seasonal uses, like filling a swimming pool or watering your yard. Make sure the quantity and quality of water in your area will meet these needs. A water well drilling professional can help you gain a better understanding of what the available water is like and how you can plan for your property needs.
  • water well drillingBoundaries: To keep your water supply clean and safe from contaminants, it’s  important for your well to be drilled a safe distance away from road boundaries, septic tanks, filter beds, and other locations with a high risk of contamination. Many states and local municipalities also have regulations in place regarding well placement in relation to property boundaries and other areas. Make sure your proposed location is located a safe distance from any of these areas.
  • Accessibility: In addition to these other factors, it’s essential for your well to be placed in an area where it will be easily accessible in the future. Over time, your well will need maintenance, cleanings, water quality tests, and other inspections and repairs. Ensuring your well is drilled in a convenient location will make proper maintenance easier to achieve. 

From water well drilling to well pump repair, the team at Usrey Drilling can help you enjoy a high-quality water well on your property. To learn more about their services, visit them on Google+ or call (575) 257-8584.

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