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How Whidbey Telecom’s Unlimited Data Plan Will Help You Make the Most of Your Wi-Fi April 3, 2017

Freeland, Island
How Whidbey Telecom’s Unlimited Data Plan Will Help You Make the Most of Your Wi-Fi, Freeland, Washington

As the island’s leading Wi-Fi and high-speed internet provider, we at Whidbey Telecom pride ourselves on our convenience and accessibility. We offer a wide selection of plans, so every customer can find the Wi-Fi that best fits their personal or professional needs. Additionally, we don’t limit our customer’s data usage. But what exactly does that mean? Here, our technicians cover the ins and outs of this popular perk.

What Is Uncapped Wi-Fi?

Most high-speed internet plans limit or Wi-Ficap how many gigabytes of data you can use in one month’s time. If you use more data than your provider allows, you may have to pay an overage fee or increase your plan for the following months. Thus, capped plans can be costly, particularly for businesses, telecommuters, and large households.

At Whidbey Telecom, on the other hand, we don’t meter, cap, or restrict our customer’s data usage in any way. Even our fiber optic high-speed internet, a plan with upload and download speeds of a staggering 1000 megabits per second, is uncapped.

What Are the Benefits of Uncapped Wi-Fi?

As mentioned above, unlimited plans are ideal for telecommuters, businesses, and families as they use more data than the average web-surfer. However, uncapped Wi-Fi and high-speed internet benefits more than just these three groups for two main reasons.

First, unlimited data gives you more value for your budget.  Second, it simplifies the package selection process. Because you don’t have to worry about going over your monthly limit, you can just find the high-speed internet plan with the right bandwidth for your digital needs. Then, once our technicians establish your connection, you can download, stream, and scroll with confidence.

Are you ready to see what unlimited data can do for your home or business? Call us at (360) 321-1122 to speak with one of our technicians. For more on our Wi-Fi packages as well as web hosting services, visit Whidbey Telecom online.  

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