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Children's Dentistry: 3 Common Causes of Gum Bleeding May 24, 2017

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Children's Dentistry: 3 Common Causes of Gum Bleeding, Anchorage, Alaska

Naturally, seeing blood in the sink after your child brushes their teeth is cause for concern for any parent. Caused by a variety of issues from diet to gum disease, bleeding gums can affect anyone regardless of age. The experts at Alaska Dentistry for Kids in Anchorage know that learning about what commonly causes gum bleeding allows you to help your child achieve great oral hygiene and prevent these problems in the future.

Below, this children’s dentist outlines three common things that may cause your child’s gums to bleed: 

  • Poor Oral Hygiene & Gum Disease: Gingivitis is the most common type of gum disease for children that causes bleeding. Gingivitis is when the gums become red and swollen, but this condition actually causes very little to no discomfort besides bleeding easily. To prevent gum disease, instruct your child to brush twice per day and schedule regular dental checkups with your children’s dentist. 
  • children's dentistBrushing Too Hard: If you know your child is brushing their teeth properly and regularly, make sure they aren’t brushing too vigorously or using a hard-bristled toothbrush. Both of these can cause bleeding,  but are a simple fix. Next time you visit your children’s dentist, ask your dentist or hygienist about proper and easy brushing techniques for your child to use. 
  • Dry Gums: Mouth breathing can cause gums to dry out and bleed easily. To recognize the signs of your child breathing too much through their mouth, check if the gums around their upper teeth look red, shiny, or swollen. To keep your child’s gums moist, you can try applying a layer of petroleum jelly to their gums before bed or installing a humidifier in their room. Talk to your children’s dentist as well for additional remedies. 

Alaska Dentistry for Kids in Anchorage offers a friendly and professional environment where children feel comfortable about going to the dentist. They offer basic kids’ dental care like cleanings or fillings as well as emergency dental services. If your child’s gums continue to bleed or you’re in need of a children’s dentist, schedule an appointment at (907) 274-2525 or visit their website for additional information. 

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