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Computer Service Shares Signs You Need an Upgrade March 27, 2017

Rochester, Monroe
Computer Service Shares Signs You Need an Upgrade, Rochester, New York

If you’ve started to notice that you’re experiencing computer problems, Affordable PC Services & Solutions in West Henrietta, NY, recommends getting an upgrade. Whether you’re running out of memory, your hard drive is running slower, or there is actual physical damage to your PC, knowing when to purchase a replacement from a computer service will ensure that your workflow and social life aren’t disturbed by a dead or dying device.

Rather than putting up with a dysfunctional CPU, check out these signs that you’re past due for a replacement:

  • computer serviceRandom Shut Downs: Your computer should not shut down without you intentionally telling it to do so. Sometimes, a computer service can troubleshoot this problem and provide an effective solution. However, older laptops and PCs simply don’t have the same hardware as newer systems that will last longer.
  • Slow Processing Times: The days of dial-up modems ended years ago, so you should have higher expectations for your PC or laptop. Once your system starts running more slowly, this is an indication that it could be time to buy a new one. Failing to do so could mean that your productivity will suffer.
  • Lack of Memory: Every few years, computer manufacturers create systems that can store infinitely more data than was previously possible. If you’re starting to run out of space on your computer to store your photos, videos, and applications, then plan on visiting a computer service to select your next device.

Knowing when it’s time to get rid of your computer and buy a new one will ensure that your personal laptop or PC is serving all your needs. To learn more about Affordable PC Services & Solutions, call (585) 259-9251 or visit them online today.

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