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Top 3 Ways to Reduce Preschool Bullying March 28, 2017

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Top 3 Ways to Reduce Preschool Bullying , Brookline, Massachusetts

When parents think about bullying, preschool rarely comes to mind. Given the statistic that more than half of children will experience bullying in their lifetime, early childhood programs are often the first opportunity for children to be exposed to bullying behavior. How can you prevent your child from being the victim of bullying in preschool? The professionals at Tiny World Child Care in Brookline, MA, offer three tips for reducing bullying in preschool students.

3 Tips for Reducing Bullying in Preschool 

preschoolKeep the Lines of Communication Open

Talk to your child. From day one until the last day of school, reassure them that you are their ally and encourage them to talk to you about their successes and challenges at preschool. Let them know they can come to you with anything without fearing getting in trouble or being seen as bad. The more open the lines of communication, the higher the likelihood that your child will turn to you for help.

Know the Signs of a Bullied Preschooler

Reducing bullying in any situation, preschool included, relies on noticing the signs that your child is being bullied and then addressing your concerns with your day care center. Some signs of a bullied preschooler include a sudden fear of going to school, unexplained injuries, unexplained physical ailments like stomach aches, and complaining about another child’s behavior towards them. If your child exhibits any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to speak with their teacher.

Get the Preschool Involved

Any good child care center sees themselves as a partner with you. Both of you are working to bring out the best in your child. If you sense something is going on that’s concerning, involve the preschool provider. Talk to your child’s teacher in a non-confrontational way that allows both parties to assess the situation and come up with a game plan for resolving the conflict. A good preschool will work with you to ensure your child is happy and safe while in their care.

Preschool should be a time for learning, friendships, and new experiences. Bullying should never be a part of your preschooler’s day. Parents looking to understand how to best handle a bullying situation can call (617) 232-0115 or visit the Tiny World Child Care website to learn about the center’s philosophy.

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