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The Importance of Amino Acid Supplements for Bodybuilding March 20, 2017

Dardenne Prairie, St. Charles
The Importance of Amino Acid Supplements for Bodybuilding, Dardenne Prairie, Missouri

As most fitness enthusiasts understand, amino acids are the building blocks of protein and muscle tissues and are linked to energy, recovery, muscle hypertrophy, fat loss, and strength gain. But why are amino acids important in bodybuilding? The fitness experts at 1 Nation Fitness in O’Fallon, MO, explain the importance of incorporating amino acid supplements into your bodybuilding routine. 

body-building-amino-acidsIngestion of amino acids is especially important because of how the human body processes resources. Our bodies have the ability to break down muscle tissues to use as an energy source during times of heavy exercise, also known as gluconeogenesis. The reaction in gluconeogenesis that is important to know in bodybuilding is the glucose-alanine cycle where amino acids are stripped from muscle tissue and converted to alanine, which is then transported to the liver and converted to glucose. By consuming amino acid supplements, the body does not have to use muscle tissue for energy. 

The best time to take additional nutrients is immediately after a training session when blood flow to the muscles is especially high. Also, by using amino acid supplements during and after training, you can reduce muscle breakdown, which can lead to shrinkage, soreness, and possible injury. 

The fitness experts at 1 Nation Nutrition understand the importance of incorporating amino acids into your bodybuilding routine, so you can achieve your muscle-building goals and avoid soreness or injury. Visit their website, or call them at (636) 385-6868 to learn more and get assistance with your supplements and fitness goals. 

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