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Wedding Jewelry Do's & Don’ts From Bellevue's Best Store March 29, 2017

Bellevue, Newport-Fort Thomas
Wedding Jewelry Do's & Don’ts From Bellevue's Best Store, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Wedding jewelry adds that little extra something to every ceremony. From standout diamond earrings to necklaces and bracelets, every piece counts. Well aware that the pieces you choose can make your dress—and your ceremony—even more beautiful, the experts at the Bellevue, KY-based jewelry storeCleves and Lonnemann Jewelers, share their top do’s and don’ts for the big day.

Wedding Jewelry Do's & Don’ts


  • Do Bring Your Headpiece to the Jewelry Store: If you opt for a headpiece, don’t forget to bring it along. The jewelry you choose should still be visible beneath your veil, and it should mesh well style-wise. Every piece you choose should enhance your look, not distract from it.
  • jewelry storeDo Take Your Time Deciding: Don’t rush! Start selecting wedding jewelry three to six months before the big day so you have time to pull your look together. If you order custom jewelry or make changes to a piece, this provides ample time to receive your order, as well as try out your choices with the gown.
  • Do Mix Finishes: Not all jewelry has to be the same finish; your earrings can be a different shade of gold than your wedding band. Instead, consider the ceremony’s season, theme, and the style of your gown. The pieces you choose should complement your unique occasion.


  • Don’t Over-Accessorize: Even on your big day, it’s completely possible to over-do it. Nothing distracts from your gown more than piled on, overstated jewelry. Depending on your dress style, sometimes all it takes is a pair of diamond earrings to make a statement; less is more.
  • Don’t Neglect Your Personal Style: While some brides go wild over the season’s latest trends, keep in mind that blogs and magazines are just a reference point. If necklaces have never been your thing, you don’t have to wear one. Embrace your personal style, whatever it might be. If you like simple and understated, go with it. If chic’s more your thing, play it up. It’s your day, so don’t forget the most important aspect: you. 
  • Don’t Forget About Quality: Every bride has a budget, but wedding jewelry isn’t something to skimp on. When you look back on photos years, you’ll remember that ring you went crazy for or those earrings that you just couldn’t get enough of. Seek out quality pieces that will last a lifetime; this is one occasion where you won’t regret it.

Make your big day even more special with the help of Cleves and Lonnemann Jewelers. No matter what your style, Bellevue’s premier jewelry store has all the statement-making pieces you crave. Stop in today to browse their extensive selection, take a sneak peek online, or call (859) 261-3636 to speak with a professional today.