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Workers’ Compensation FAQs March 20, 2017

Shelton, Fairfield County
Workers’ Compensation FAQs, Shelton, Connecticut

If you get hurt on the job and your injuries prevent you from returning to work while you are recovering, you may want to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. But making mistakes in the early stages could hurt your chances of securing benefits down the road. Luckily, a lawyer from D’Agosto & Howe, LLC in Shelton, CT, can prevent you from making such mistakes. Below, their skilled team has answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding workers’ compensation.

Top 4 FAQs About Workers’ Comp

What Kind of Injuries Do Workers’ Compensation Benefits Cover?

Workers’ compensation benefits generally cover occupational illnesses and injuries that occur while engaged in employment-related activities. In general, it does not matter who is at fault for the injuries; you can pursue benefits even if you were careless or negligent.

What Do Workers’ Comp Benefits Include?

If you sustained injuries at work, benefits will cover 100% of your medical bills, including co-pays and prescriptions. You are also eligible to collect benefits to replace lost wages if you have to miss more than three days of work to recover.  You may also be entitled to benefits for any permanent impairment that results, including a reduction of your future earning capacity that may result.

Can I Choose My Healthcare Provider?

workers compensationAlthough you have the right to choose your healthcare provider, you have to choose a physician from your employer’s planned provider organization, or PPO, if your employer has one. The PPO will have a list of approved physicians, and you can select a provider from that list.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Pursue Benefits?

You do not need to hire a lawyer to pursue workers’ compensation, but doing so will make the process much easier. When you hire an attorney, you get to focus on recovering.  Your attorney will advise you as to how best to proceed with your case.  Having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney on your side should lead to a better end result for you and your family.

If you sustained injuries at work, turn to a workers’ compensation attorney from D’Agosto & Howe, LLC in Shelton, CT, to discuss the best way to proceed. Visit them online to learn more about their areas of practice, including divorce and real estate law. Call (203) 712-0210 to schedule a consultation today.

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