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FAQs for Finding the Right Custom Tailor for Bridal Parties March 22, 2017

New York, New York
FAQs for Finding the Right Custom Tailor for Bridal Parties, New York, New York

All eyes may be on the bride, but the wedding party also benefits from wearing clothes perfected by a custom tailor. The last thing you want is a groomsman wearing an ill-fitting tux or a bridesmaid with an awkward dress gap.

Wo’s Custom Tailoring serving New York, New York, knows the bridal party should look sharp and wear properly fitting attire for the big day. That’s why they offer the following advice on finding the right custom tailor for the bridal party.

4 Custom Tailor FAQs

What Should They Know Before Getting a Quote?

It’s important to ask for a quote before the custom tailor starts cutting, but it’s also critical to let them know your expectations before hearing a price. Tell the tailor how many bridal party outfits will need attention and what exactly needs to be done. There is a big difference between just hemming a one-layered dress and making a custom suit from a bolt of cloth. Tell them when all the outfits should be ready, whether they can be delivered, or if you should pick them up at the store.

custom tailorDoes the Tailor Have Experience?

Find out if the tailor is experienced by asking to see work samples. Whether they are in the store or online, these samples will help determine if the tailor is capable of doing a quality job. You should also browse third-party websites such as Angie’s List™ or Yelp™ to see what kind of reviews the tailor earned.

Is the Location Convenient?

The bridal party will probably have to visit the custom tailor more than once depending on what needs to be done. Tailors could be masters of their craft, but if their shops are not conveniently located for the bridal party, you may need to choose another tailor.

Does the Tailor Specialize in Both Female & Male Attire?

A bridal party usually involves dresses and suits, so it’s necessary for the tailor to know how to manage both types of attire. If the custom tailor only specializes in suits, tuxes, and slacks, it’s probably best to order the bridesmaid dresses or wedding dress from a different location.  

Trust your most important attire to Wo’s Custom Tailoring. The experienced staff is happy to custom tailor your unique garment, so it fits like a glove for your next big occasion. Visit their Upper East Side location or call (212) 988-9889 to make an appointment. You can also visit their website for a full list of their services including leather repair and custom suit design.

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