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What do you mean Over-training? March 17, 2017

Broomfield, Broomfield
What do you mean Over-training?, Broomfield, Colorado

What do you mean Overtraining?

Over training can happen without you knowing it!  Over training can accrue when you add to many fitness active together. Like You work out at the gym 5 day a week play basketball once a week and Run 5 miles Saturday and then Bike 20 miles on Sunday. I know what you’re thinking Coach , I work out 5 day a week so I can do the things that I love. I understand we all have things we love to do that require us to be fit. All I am saying is give yourself a break! Take time to rest and Recover.

Here are some signs you are Over training

1. Lack of Motivation

 The loss of motivation to train or go to gruop fitness class or do any physical activity? Your body and Mind are telling you that you need to rest and recover because you are doing too much. Part of your Health & Fitness Routine should be Rest and Recovery

We all have days when we don’t feel like going to the gym, heck. I have them all the time. But if you go days, or even weeks, without wanting anything to do with the gym, it’s time to listen to your body and take a break. Look at your nutrition and recovery practices and set a new training schedule with rest days.

2. You are Feeling Painfully Sore after a Big Workout

 This will be dependent on your nutrition, if you’re eating the right foods while training hard and drinking water but still feel intense soreness after your workouts. There is a chance you are over training. It will be a different soreness from your normal training it may even be painfully.

3. Your Restless and Lose Focus

4. You Feel Sluggish All Day

5.  Your Joints, Bones and Limbs are constantly sore

Post workout soreness is normal, but if you experience intense and prolonged soreness, you may have done too much. Basically, if it feels like you got run over by a Truck, you should cut back on your volume or intensity of your fitness routine.

6. You’re getting sick a lot

You becoming sick is often caused by many things such as lack of sleep, bad diet, not enough activity and to much mental stress, if you feel like you have all these things under control. And you are still getting sick. You may be over training.

All I am saying is listen to your body sometimes we all want to push are self-harder then we should myself included. If we become sick or injured do to over training it can set our Fitness Goals back! Be smart and safe with your fitness goals. Find that balance that keeps you feeling good and Focus on the gym and your fitness.

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