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Why Attending Summer School Is the Quickest & Cheapest Route to Degree Completion March 23, 2017

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Why Attending Summer School Is the Quickest & Cheapest Route to Degree Completion, St. Martin, Ohio

For most of the country, summer means beach vacations, reading for fun, and family reunions. But if you are a dedicated student who is passionate about jumpstarting their career, consider spending your summer in the classroom. Attending summer school is one of the fastest and most affordable paths to degree completion

Here are a few reasons why attending summer classes is crucial if you want to earn your degree faster, for less money: 

  • degree completionYou Save More Money: College isn’t cheap. The average student loan debt is $35,000 and rising. Attending a two-year college allows you to invest in your education without breaking the bank. And when you attend summer school, you save even more money because summer courses are often cheaper per credit.
  • Classes Are Smaller: Most students do take a break for summer. Because of that, there are smaller class sizes during summer school, which means more individualized attention from the professors. The National Education Association reports that students in intimate learning environments do better than students in large lecture classes.
  • You Earn Your Associate Degree Faster: When you take summer classes, your path to degree completion is shorter. Graduating with your Associate’s Degree early allows you to get one step ahead of your peers on the job hunt and demonstrates to employers that you’re organized, responsible, and ready to work hard.
  • Chatfield Offers A Buy One, Get One Option for 2017 Graduating Seniors: If you are graduating from high school this year, take advantage of this offer and take two classes for the price of one. Whether you plan to attend Chatfield or another institution in the fall, you can get a jump start for a fraction of the cost. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this deal?! Find out more here.


If you want to take classes this summer to speed up your degree completion, consider enrolling in summer school at Chatfield College, one of the best two-year colleges in Cincinnati. Known for its supportive, small-college experience, Chatfield College empowers students to earn their associate degree. Summer enrollment starts March 13, and summer classes begin June 5th.

For more information about the best private liberal arts college in St. Martin and Cincinnati, visit the Chatfield College website or call (513) 921-9856.

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