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Behind the Scenes Secrets March 17, 2017

Tylersville, West Chester
Behind the Scenes Secrets, West Chester, Ohio

If you’re looking for something new to experience, try asking for a behind the scenes tour on your next visit to EnterTRAINment Junction! You can take a guided tour underneath the mountains of their display to learn about the secrets of construction, train computerization, and more.

The History

Learn about the history and how the concept of EnterTRAINment began, the design and plans for the facility, and hear about some of the ideas that the volunteers brought to life when creating the world’s largest G scale train display. You’ll be amazed at the time, effort, and craftsmanship that went into making the 25,000 sq. ft. interactive layout. Did you know there are over 2 miles of track and approximately 90 trains running on any given day?

The Technical Side

Ever wonder how there can be two different trains on the same track, going in opposite directions? You can get an in depth look at their computer system, the wiring, layout plan, and see how the train director can start, stop, and adjust the speed of trains all from his iPad! With so many technical developments, the staff has been working to upgrade, enhance, and develop a program more efficient and effective than the last. Did you know the control panels that operate each track have over 20,000 solder joints with 8,000 lines of programming to operate multiple trains on the same track?


The Fun Side

Who doesn’t want explore underneath the mountains or take a sneak peak in a control room?? Tours are geared towards the audience, whether young or old! Feel free to ask questions, get ideas, and see how operations work at the Junction.  Did you know that all their volunteers leave a personal touch on items they work on- you can even see a photo of some of them in the buildings they put together!

Behind the Scenes tours are offered at 11:30, 2:00, and 4:00 every day. (No 11:30 tour on Sunday)
Tours are $8 additional per person.

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