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City MD’s Urgent Care Team Let's You Know All About Urinary Tract Infections November 10, 2014

East Village, Manhattan
City MD’s Urgent Care Team Let's You Know All About Urinary Tract Infections, Manhattan, New York

At CityMD, we understand that life’s little emergencies crop up when we least expect them to. Rather than getting bogged down with expensive medical bills, long wait times, and all-around frustration, our urgent care center offers solutions to a number of injuries and illnesses, which guarantee that our patients are back on their feet and feeling better, as soon as possible. One of the most common maladies we treat at CityMD, are urinary tract infections. Read on to find out more about causes, symptoms, and treatments, so you can take the right steps if you or someone you know is currently experiencing any discomfort.


E.coli bacteria – which normally lives in the bowels and around the anus, can enter your urethra and create infections. Cystitis is a common UTI that is caused by this bacteria and is particularly prevalent in women since the space between the urethra and anus, and the space between the urethral opening and the bladder, is so short.

Not urinating after sexual-intercourse (leaving the bacteria in the urethra to grow and multiply) is another common cause of urinary tract infections, which is why it is recommended that women always urinate afterwards, to ensure that they flush out all the specimens before this bacteria has a chance to cause an infection.


- Pressure in lower abdomen

- Strong, constant urge to urinate

- Frequent urinations in small amounts

- Pelvic pain

- Red or pink urine (indicated blood within it)

- Burning pain when urinated

- Cloudy urine

- Lethargy


The best way to keep your urinary tract healthy is by taking precautions when engaging in sexual intercourse and wiping correctly. For women that are prone to infections, taking cranberry pills can strengthen their defenses. It is also recommended to drink a lot of water because frequent urination will prevent bacteria from growing and developing inside the urethra. If you are already in the midst of a urinary tract infection, antibiotics can be prescribed. You can also take a painkiller to relieve yourself of the pain associated with the UTI.

If you or someone you know is currently battling a urinary tract infection and is in need of immediate care, visit the nearest CityMD walk-in-clinic today. With 180 doctors and 30 locations, you’re bound to find one of our outposts nearby, which means you’ll be on your way to improved health and wellness in no time!