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Does Insurance Pay for Travel Vaccinations? 3 Things You Should Know March 24, 2017

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Does Insurance Pay for Travel Vaccinations? 3 Things You Should Know, Chantilly, Virginia

Boarding a plane and traveling to a new destination is fun and exciting, but your experience can turn into a nightmare if you become infected with a foreign pathogen. To keep you, your family, and the general public safe, make an appointment for travel vaccinations at HealthSmartVaccines. Although insurance doesn’t often cover these shots, the right inoculations could protect you from dangerous illnesses and a ruined vacation. Here are three things you should know about receiving travel vaccinations, including why they are worth every penny.

Inoculations Aren’t Always Expensive

If your insurance company doesn’t cover travel vaccinations, don’t worry. Although you might be nervous about paying out of pocket for vaccines, many of these shots are inexpensive. In fact, routine vaccinations and boosters start at around $50, depending on which ones you need.

Some Countries Require Vaccinations

vaccinationBecause mosquitoes and other flying insects transmit diseases throughout many parts of the world, some countries demand travelers receive travel vaccinations before they enter the country. For example, Brazil and Ghana currently require tourists to receive vaccinations for Yellow Fever. Before you book a flight, find out whether or not you need to be vaccinated, and work with your doctor to ensure you receive your shots far enough in advance.  

Staying Current Is Crucial

Viruses tend to evolve, which is why the vaccines you received last year may not protect you on this year’s trip. Talk to your doctor about whether or not your vaccinations are up to date, and if not, ask for boosters.   

If you are planning an upcoming trip to a foreign country, make vaccinations a part of your pre-vacation checklist. HealthSmartVaccines offers a broad range of inoculations to keep you safe as you travel abroad. For more information about inoculations and when you should get them, visit HealthSmartVaccines online or call (703) 961-0733.

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