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3 Ways to Make a Big Statement With Flooring March 24, 2017

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3 Ways to Make a Big Statement With Flooring, Barnesville, Ohio

Your home should be an expression of your personality, and one way to do this is to make a statement with your flooring. To help you personalize your floors, Flag Floors of Barnesville, Ohio, offers some suggestions below to give your home some zing. 

3 Ways To Make A Statement With Your Flooring

1. Paint Your Floor

Whether you choose a solid color or a playful design, paint can bring your floor to life in surprising ways. Bold colors like red or yellow draw the eye and add warmth, while stark white gives a clean, stylish look. A bucket of paint and some stencils can transform a bland wood or tile floor into something uniquely yours.

Flooring dealer in Barnesville, OH2. Choose A Cool Pattern

Choose an unusual design for your bathroom, kitchen, or living room floor. Chevrons, checkerboard squares, polka dots, stripes, or diamond patterns add a great deal of visual interest to any room. Whether you use paint, patterned brick, or mosaic tile, unusual flooring patterns let you express your individuality and creativity.

3. Choose Uncommon Materials

You can make a profound statement by choosing unique flooring materials. Natural stone creates an earthy, outdoorsy feel, while exposed brick gives your home a rugged retro look. Note that materials like this require more upkeep and can be difficult to clean, but you can arrange them in unique patterns that give your home a look that is entirely personal.

Flag Floors of Barnesville, Ohio, offers a comprehensive selection of flooring types and rent the equipment you need to install it, such as carpet trimmers, ceramic cutters, floor strippers, and air compressors. In addition to carpet, tile, and vinyl flooring, they specialize in custom cabinets, countertops, and windows to help your home look its best. 

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