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4 Benefits of Physical Therapy From the CMHS Team June 28, 2017

Gatesville, Coryell
4 Benefits of Physical Therapy From the CMHS Team, Gatesville, Texas

If you ever injured a muscle or had hip or knee surgery, you are probably familiar with physical therapy. Coryell Memorial Healthcare System has served the Gatesville community for years, from general medical care to surgical services, while focusing on quality of care and high standards. Coryell Memorial offers both inpatient and outpatient physical therapy services.

Some of the benefits of physical therapy include: 

1. Reduce Pain

No one likes to be in discomfort, and physical therapists work to manage pain in a healthy way through movement, exercises, and treatments. By identifying the area causing the pain, a therapist can work directly with those muscles and tissue to provide relief.

2. Improve Movement

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t get off the couch without grunting because of your back? Or, maybe you can’t fully turn your body to one side. Joints and surrounding muscles can get stiff, and when we delay care, symptoms typically worsen. By mobilizing joints and working through tight tissue, you can start to move like you haven’t in years.

3. Increase Strength & Mobility

You’ll probably notice your physical therapist focuses on areas you don’t pay too much attention to, like that muscle deep in your lower back or the arch of your foot. By targeting these areas during treatment, you’ll work out muscles you may not even know exist. Add in conditioning with exercise machines and body bands, and you’re in for building up your strength. Plus, you may even improve your balance by working on coordination exercises.

4. Avoid Painkillers or Surgery

Oftentimes, opioids are prescribed to diminish inflammation and help ease the pain, but they can be addictive or even lead to more severe issues, such as depression. If you’re concerned about medicines like this, physical therapy is a safe alternative. Working with a therapist can also help heal an injury that may have needed surgery, leaving you skipping the operating room and ultimately, saving on medical costs.


On one central campus, Coryell Memorial offers therapy to hospital patients, post-op patients, patients with out-patient therapy needs, as well as in-patient therapy to patients in The Meadows Rehabilitation Program.

If you're experiencing pain or haven’t fully recovered after an injury, or surgery, do something positive for your health by booking an appointment with Coryell Memorial Physical Therapy. Call (254) 248-6248 to find out more information about out-patient physical therapy, or visit the website for a full list of services and more information. You can also like us on Facebook.

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