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Your Guide to Purchasing a Water Well Pump March 24, 2017

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Your Guide to Purchasing a Water Well Pump, Elko, Nevada

In the past and through most of history, people pumped wells by hand. These days, many wells use an electric water well pump. These make life easier and reduce the work you have to do to draw water. If you’re looking to install a well, you’ll most likely be on the market for a pump yourself. Fertig Drilling of Elko, NV, knows how difficult choosing a pump can be and provides some guidelines for deciding on one.

Shallow Well Pump

water well pumpsThere are two types of wells, shallow and deep, and each uses a different kind of pump. A shallow water well pump is best suited for wells with a depth of no more than 25 feet. These are placed above ground, typically adjacent to the well and inside of the well housing. The best of these pumps include a booster to increase PSI as well as overload protection. These features help your home maintain water pressure while keeping the pump from burning out.

Convertible Jet Well Pump

Like a traditional shallow well pump, convertible pumps are an excellent choice for wells with a depth of less than 25 feet. However, with an ejector assembly, these pumps can reach as deep as 90 feet. The convertible jet well pump is a better choice if your water table tends to shift depths.

Deep Well Pump

If your well is going to extend further than 25 feet, a deep water well pump is the appropriate choice. These can support wells that are dug as deep as 300 feet below the earth. Due to their nature, they’re buried in the soil alongside your well. For convenience, consider buying a 3-wire model that comes with above ground controls.

If you’re unsure of what pump to invest in, contact Fertig Drilling. They’re experts when it comes to drilling water wells and can help you with pump installation. Call (775) 753-7960, or visit them online for more information.

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