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Should You Refinish or Replace Your Bathtub? March 23, 2017

Clinton, Middlesex
Should You Refinish or Replace Your Bathtub?, Clinton, Connecticut

If you have an old bathtub and you're ready to toss it and install a new one, there are a lot of hidden costs to replacing it instead of refurbishing the one you have. Porcelain Glaze in Clinton, CT, will help you decide when refinishing a bathtub is a more economical option.

Here’s why refurbishing your bathtub might be a better option than replacing it:

  • New Tubs Cost a Lot of Money: There are a lot of hidden costs to replacing a bathtub. In addition to purchasing the tub itself, you may have to pay a handyman to replace the tile surround. You may also have to replace the flooring and any other work that comes as a consequence of buying a new bathtub, including bringing your bathroom up to code.
  • bathtubYou May Have to Replace a Lot More Than Just a Bathtub: Most bathroom decor and fixtures are built around the bathtub. It's rare to find a replacement bathtub that fits perfectly in place and also fits with the existing pipes. Antique tubs can be especially difficult to replace without some major work, and these projects have been known to end up dramatically changing the whole room.
  • Refinishing Is Faster: It’s a lot less hassle to have your existing bathtub refinished and takes a lot less time to do—in most cases, you’ll be using your bathroom again within just a day or two. Despite the fast service, bathtub refinishing can last about as long as a new bathtub before it begins to show wear, providing a great return on your time investment.

The next time you are looking at the price tags of new bathtubs, remember that there is always a hidden price tag. If you have a tub that’s structurally sound, refinishing it is a great option. To find out more, call Porcelain Glaze in Clinton at (860) 669-2576 or see their website for more information. 

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