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How Often Should You Clean Your Diamond Jewelry? March 22, 2017

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How Often Should You Clean Your Diamond Jewelry?, Gibsonville, North Carolina

Diamonds are prized for many reasons, including their supreme durability. The hardest substance on Earth, these stones are capable of cutting all kinds of rocks and metals. Despite its hardiness, diamond jewelry gets dirty easily. Keep your favorite pieces glittering by putting the following tips from Wade’s Jewelers into practice. The Gibsonville, NC, purveyor of custom jewelry regularly provides diamond cleaning and care tips.

FAQ About Diamond Cleaning

What Makes Diamond Jewelry Dirty?

Handling jewelry leaves behind stains from natural skin oils. These oils attract dirt and can make the piece look dull. Refrain from touching precious stones as much possible to help them keep their luster.

How Often Should I Clean My Diamonds?

diamond Gibsonville NCThe experts at Wade’s Jewelers recommend soaking your jewelry in a mild degreasing solution overnight once or twice a week to keep oil and dirt from building up. Use water and a few drops of mild dish soap as your solution, then use a new, clean toothbrush to gently remove any leftover dirt. Using the toothbrush on the back of jewelry is also recommended as this is where buildup accumulates the most.

Should I Scrub Vigorously?

No—use a gentle touch when cleaning your diamond jewelry, especially an estate or antique piece. Soaking the piece and using the clean toothbrush is more than sufficient. Wipe your jewelry with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth to dry it.

What Products Should I Avoid?

Household cleaners, chlorine bleach, and abrasive cleansers such as toothpaste should never come into contact with diamond jewelry as they can scratch or otherwise damage the metal. 

When it comes to storing diamond jewelry, always use a box that has a cover and a soft lining.

When North Carolina needs quality custom jewelry and exquisite diamonds, they rely on Wade’s Jewelers. Call (336) 449­-4949 or visit their website today to learn more about their selection of wedding rings, earrings, and beautiful pieces. Follow the jewelers on Twitter for more great tips.

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