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3 Ways the CrossFit® Community Keeps You Motivated March 22, 2017

Bethany, New Haven County
3 Ways the CrossFit® Community Keeps You Motivated, Bethany, Connecticut

Developing a workout routine requires dedication, and going to a gym where you feel alone can impact whether you stick with your exercise goals. This is not the case when you join a CrossFit® gym. For instance, at CrossFit Bethany in New Haven County, CT, everyone knows each other’s names and their story, making it more of a community than just a place to get fit.

Here are three benefits of joining a CrossFit gym and working out with your fellow fitness enthusiasts.


Crossfit Bethany CTUnlike a traditional gym, where people tend to keep to themselves, there will always be someone cheering you on at a CrossFit gym. Showing support is a huge part of this community because they know how good everyone feels when they achieve their workout goals. You’ll even discover that people like to stay behind after they finish their sessions just to encourage others to reach their daily milestones.

Group Workouts

At a CrossFit gym, you won’t just have the support of other members—you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in many different group workouts. For people who don’t enjoy exercising alone, this is an excellent way to get excited about working out and pushing forward day after day.


Doing anything out of the ordinary at a traditional gym is sure to garner some disapproving stares. The CrossFit community encourages people to push themselves to their limits and even make any sounds they need to, from grunting to laughing. This encouragement gives people the freedom they need to work hard and feel confident.

When you are ready to say goodbye to the traditional way of working out, join the community at CrossFit Bethany and take on a fun new challenge. Speak to one of their personal trainers today by calling (203) 584-9455. You can also stop by their website and Facebook page for more information about enrolling in classes.

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