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Noce's Pizzeria Dishes Deep on the History of Pizza March 24, 2017

Plus Heights, Covington
Noce's Pizzeria Dishes Deep on the History of Pizza, Covington, Kentucky

Pizza is one of America’s favorite foods, and most know it comes from Italy. But beyond that, what’s the history of this Italian restaurant favorite? The pizza chefs at Noce’s Pizzeria, one of the best Italian restaurants in the Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky, area are here to give you a quick history lesson on America’s most popular delivery food.

When in Rome

Flatbreads are a popular food item throughout the world, from Asia to the Mediterranean, and Pizza likely began as a flatbread dish in Rome. Later, in the 18th century, tomato sauce and toppings were added to create a meal that was easy to make, could incorporate a variety of spare ingredients, and was both portable and inexpensive. This made it an instant hit with workers who didn’t make much money and needed to eat on the go.


Pizza Emigrates from Italy

In the first quarter of the 1900s, an influx of Italian immigrants brought many of the first pizzerias and Italian restaurants to American shores. Still, the pizza wasn’t yet a household staple. It wasn't until after WWII when American troops stationed throughout Italy were widely exposed to the food that they brought their love for it back home, and its popularity boomed in the United States. That was when the explosion of pizzerias began, and pizza started to become the super-popular food that it is today.

The Rest is History

With the advent of chain restaurants in the 1950’s, the pizza was the perfect fit. Easy to make quickly for many customers, and convenient to deliver, pizza soon became the go-to delivery and comfort food for American diners. When TV dinners and other frozen foods became popular, a pizza was a perfect addition, further expanding the reach of an already-popular restaurant dish.

Want to be part of history? Order a pizza at Noce’s Pizzeria, the best Italian restaurant in Kentucky! Their New York-style pies earned them the honor of “Best Pizza” from Cincinnati Magazine, so stop in and find out why. Call (859) 331-6623 to order delivery, or visit online to view their full menu.

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