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Getting A Tooth Filling? What to Expect September 22, 2020

Mayfield, Fulton
Getting A Tooth Filling? What to Expect, Mayfield, New York

When you eat sugary foods, the sugar on your teeth attracts bacteria that cause decay. This is what happens when you have a cavity. If you get one, you’ll need a tooth filling from your dentist to prevent further damage. If you’ve never had a filling before, you might be concerned, but this is actually one of the most common and simple procedures in general dentistry. It’s an easy process that involves no significant discomfort.

Typically, you won’t need to spend much longer than an hour at our office when getting a tooth filling. The procedure will begin with the application of a local anesthetic to your gums. This will numb you so you don’t feel any pain while the tooth is being filled.

Mayfield NY Tooth FillingOnce the anesthetic has taken effect, we will use one of our specialized tools—often a drill, or spoon excavator to clear away the decayed portions of your tooth. After removing all the damaged sections, we will clean the tooth thoroughly.

Finally, we will apply the filling material. While you may be familiar with the silver fillings that were common years ago, these days, there are more options to choose from. We will decide which material will be most effective at filling the cavity while also mirroring the appearance of your natural teeth.

After the appointment, you’ll be instructed not to eat hard or chewy foods for the next few hours. And as the anesthetic wears off, you’ll feel little to no discomfort.

Getting a tooth filling is a basic procedure, not something to worry about. Offering both cosmetic and general dentistry services, Valley Family PLLC in Fulton County, NY, is the practice to turn to when you want effective yet gentle treatment. We’ve been Servicing Fulton County, Hamilton County, Montgomery County, and Saratoga County with comprehensive general and family dentistry, including tooth fillings, dental cleanings, tooth restorations, and crowns. Contact us by calling (518) 661-6405 to speak to a staff member today.

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