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Packing Service Professionals List 3 Tips for Fragile Items March 22, 2017

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Packing Service Professionals List 3 Tips for Fragile Items, Sparta, Wisconsin

Aside from the stress of finding the perfect new home and squaring away the financial details, moving is a challenge in and of itself. Add in the worry that comes with packing your fragile items and valuables, and it can quickly become a headache. To ease some of the anxiety, the packing service professionals of Chaz Moving in Sparta, WI, offer tips for moving three common fragile items.

During your free estimate from the pros at Chaz Moving is the perfect time to ask how to pack certain fragile items if you are unsure. Or simply request an estimate for packing your fragile items, or even the entire house.

3 Fragile Items & How to Pack Them

1. Dishes

It is recommended to use a dish pack. Dish packs are a double walled box that is designed to handle the weight and protection of breakables. It is also recommended to wrap each item in packing paper individually. If you feel more comfortable with a smaller box that is less cumbersome, that is fine too. However, the smaller boxes are not double walled and therefore do not provide the extra strength that a double walled dish pack provides. The egg theory is the best way to explain it. The Egg Theory in the Moving Industry means that the strongest point of anything fragile is from top to bottom.  So, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, glass pan lids should be packed standing up in the box rather than laying down.

2. Glasses  (The Egg Theory)

packing serviceGlasses should not be at the bottom of the box. They should be wrapped and stood up vertically in the box, rather than laid on their side. Stemware should be individually wrapped and packed in a smaller box. They should not be mixed with other dishes. 

3. Picture Frames

It can be difficult to find the proper box to pack larger pictures or mirrors. Ask the experts at Chaz Moving how and where to get these boxes and how to pack them. This can save you valuable time and ensure that your cherished belongings can be moved safely and efficiently.

No matter what breakable items you treasure, don’t forget to label the containers with the room they go to and what is inside. Moving boxes can easily seem identical once they’re closed, and you may not be the only one handling your items. For more tips on how to pack fragile items or on moving in general, contact the packing service professionals of Chaz Moving at (608) 269-6683. You can also visit them online for more information.

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