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5 Stunning Fashion Statements to Look for in Spring 2017 March 22, 2017

New York, New York
5 Stunning Fashion Statements to Look for in Spring 2017, New York, New York

Are you looking to make a fashion statement this season? New York’s Her Secret Vault suggests you seek inspiration from Spring 2017’s hottest runway trends, including the most eye-popping colors, styles, and cuts. In preparation for their May fashion show and pop-up shop that will showcase their vibrant spring collection, they preview the top fashions to look out for. 

Spring 2017 Top Fashion Statements 

Fashion Statements1. Yellow Hello 

Nothing says spring like bright colors. Spring 2017’s unabashed and fashionable yellows come in variations like canary, lemon, and pineapple. Find the hues in sleek cocktail dresses, structured suits, and flowing maxis. 

2. Cool Khaki 

Contrast the sweetness of spring with hot yet cool khaki styles. From crisp, collared dresses that say I mean business to street coats and knee-length boots that are seriously stylish, you’ll find this classic color can be incorporated into almost any outfit and adds an unexpected edge to layered frills and flower prints. 

3. Striped Styles  

As spring beckons, nautical stripes will flood the malls, runways, and beaches. From wide, candy-striped dresses to blue and teal striped pants and skirts, you’ll be free by the sea with this trend. Banker stripes are also in fashion and look flirty on a lightweight blouse under a blazer or during a night out on baggy pants paired with sneakers. 

4. Exposed Shoulders 

The exposed shoulder trend continues through spring 2017, but this time, single shoulder cutouts are where designers find their focus. Look for the style in a variety of patterns and fabrics and don’t be surprised if you see the “flashdance shoulder” on the runway and in your favorite fashion boutique. 

5. Casual Coats 

Coat styles chill out in spring 2017 with the debut of bigger, better trench coats and the use of household robes as fashionable outerwear. Look to fashion houses to offer trenches with large buckles and lazy cuts. Your favorite plaid robe or fuzzy coverup can also serve as your next street statement. 

Get inspired by the hottest Spring 2017 styles. To shop for your next spring fashion statement, visit Her Secret Vault on their website, follow their latest fashion releases by following them on Facebook, or call them at (646) 719-5135. Stay tuned for more information on their May pop-up fashion show!

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