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The Best iPad Apps for Early Childhood from Experimac Fenton March 17, 2017

Fenton, St. Louis County
The Best iPad Apps for Early Childhood from Experimac Fenton, Fenton, Missouri

The Best Apps for Pre-Schoolers

Experimac Fenton is your local resource for all things Apple® and beyond.  We are the leading technology service and repair resource in the St. Louis, MO area.  We also offer a great selection of pre-owned iPad®, MacBook®, and iPhone® at a savings of up to 40% off new retail pricing.  We also offer iPad repair or service your existing equipment.  We carry a large selection of accessories including heavy duty protective cases such as Otterbox to protect your investment while it’s being used by little hands.  Stop by our Fenton store today in Gravois Bluffs.

Little learners can benefit greatly from the various apps available for iPad devices.  Because we understand the importance of utilizing technology in your curriculum, we’ve put together a list of a few of our favorites below.

Starfall ABC helps students learn their alphabet letters and sounds. With touch, students are given several great visuals and sounds for each letter.  A fun, interactive way to build letter and sound recognition, and vocabulary.

ABC Alphabet Phonics is another letter recognition app.  It’s also free. The student utilizes letter touch recognition by selecting the correct letter before resuming play.

Letter Quiz is a great beginning app for students who are learning their letters. Letter Quiz also utilizes letter touch recognition.  Students then practice identifying and tracing letters, matching upper and lowercase letters, and playing ABC memory games.

Sight Words 22L  is a great app for engagement. Students create a profile and then can play 6 games focused on memorizing, reading, spelling, and recording various words.  Included is Word Machine, which asks students to tap on the word called. Gears asks students to tap the gear and hear the word, then students have to use memory recall to drag the word to the appropriate gear. With Bingo, students tap on the words called to make a bingo. Memory Games asks students to memorize 5 words in a row, tap on the speakers to match the words they memorized based on order.  Spelling has students arrange letters to spell the word. Flash Cards encourage students to learn the words by tapping and listening for the word. In each game, students are encouraged to earn points with various levels of advancement.

Word Magic is an excellent app for letter sound recognition. Students see a picture and fill in the missing letters or sounds. The teacher sets the game mode to missing letters or phonetics. The phonetic mode has short vowels, long vowels, multi-syllabic words, and other types students can practice. The teacher can set the app to match the students guided reading level.

Reading Raven provides students with a series of lessons that begin with letter recognition, letter sounds, letter tracing, and word matching.  As students progress, the Reading Raven will guide students in developing word building skills, vocabulary, and reading words and sentences.

Read Me Stories uses a story about five fabulous frogs and a dog to help students open a treasure chest of books with fun adventures while learning to read. An adult or teacher does need to be present to answer questions.  The app can create a library based on the student’s interests and abilities.

ABCmouse has a subscription fee, but has a lot to offer early learners with more than 500 lessons in six levels. Lessons can be individualized by choosing preferred activities. There are five subjects taught including reading, math, science, art and colors, and music.

Splash Math Kindergarten allows students to practice counting and cardinality skills.  As students master each skill, the level will advance to more complex skills, such as operations and algebraic thinking. Multiple players can be added, customized, and tracked.

Counting Madness Full is an excellent counting and cardinality math app with fun matching, counting, and number order games. Based upon the students’ abilities, the teacher can change the number amount that the student is working on by tapping the gear and choosing numbers 1-5, 6-10, 1-10, 11-15, and 16-20.

Monkey Math School provides practice and fun tracing numbers, shapes, number order, addition, and other math objectives. Multiple players and settings can be customized for each player.

BrainPop Jr. offers a variety of subjects. Each subject includes topics that have cute informational movies that your students can watch. A great way for students to explore subjects and topics. If they become interested they can search for more on the topic.

iPad® apps engage students and encourage them to learn.  It’s a great way to add technology to the daily routine for math or reading stations.  All students have a chance to learn at their own level. The rewards are amazing!  Let us help you with all your technology needs!  Visit us online at www.experimac.com/fenton-mo or stop in at 794A Gravois Bluffs Blvd., Fenton, MO  63026.  Call 636-326-4622.


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