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To Refinish or Replace? A Top Flooring Service Offers 3 Tips to Help You Decide March 22, 2017

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To Refinish or Replace? A Top Flooring Service Offers 3 Tips to Help You Decide, Thompson, Connecticut

If you love home renovation shows, you might be familiar with the gasps involved with pulling back the carpet and discovering old hardwood floors. Although most television personalities make hardwood floor refinishing look easy, there is a lot more to the decision to repair or replace than most people let on.

Here are three tips to help you decide whether to refinish or replace the hardwood floors in your home and how a professional flooring service can help:

  • Evaluate the Condition: Although most hardwood floors can be refinished successfully, even the best job won’t help rotten subfloors or major structural concerns. Before you start refinishing your hardwood, hire a professional flooring service to check the stability and structural integrity. If your hardwood floor isn’t properly supported, it may need to be replaced to repair subfloors.

  • flooring serviceThink About the Plank Style: Another important thing to think about before refinishing your floor is the overall style of the planks. Some hardwood floors contain rustic, thick planks while others have long, skinny planks or parquet patterns. If you are happy with the overall style of the flooring, refinishing will bring the floors to life. On the other hand, if your flooring plank style looks dated, replacing the hardwood might be a better option.

  • Inspect the Finish: Before you rent a floor sander to start stripping down that old wood, inspect the finish carefully. Many hardwood floors simply have chips or scratches in the clear coat, which means that they might need a minor sanding and coat of varnish. Professional flooring services have specialized equipment that takes off small amounts of finish, protecting the underlying flooring.  


If you aren’t sure what to do about your hardwood flooring, contact Bill Cournoyer Floor Sanding and Finishing based out of Thompson, CT. With years of experience and an innate understanding of woodworking, this family-owned and -operated flooring service company can help you decide how to handle your damaged hardwood. For more information about their services, visit them online, or call (860) 377-0602.