Koreatown, New York
7W 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001
There?s a reason why people think PINKBERRY when they think of frozen yogurt. Pick out of several delicious flavors, add some toppings, and enjoy cold desserts from the PINKBERRY on 32nd st in Koreatown.

Why Should You Follow Pinkberry's Frozen Yogurt Shops on Social Media? March 14, 2017

Koreatown, Manhattan
Why Should You Follow Pinkberry's Frozen Yogurt Shops on Social Media?, Manhattan, New York

Do you follow Pinkberry on social media? If you don’t, then you might be missing out on crucial updates from your favorite frozen yogurt shop! 

Reasons to Follow Pinkberry on Social Media

While their website is also useful, frozen yogurt shopPinkberry’s social media accounts are a wealth of additional, and often delicious, information. Their Facebook, for example, is where they unveil new froyos and exclusive deals you can use at your nearest location. Their Instagram, on the other hand, is where they showcase unique flavor and topping combinations. Pinkberry’s Twitter is also a valuable resource for all the froyo enthusiasts out there to connect and chat with their favorite frozen yogurt shop.

Follow Your Local Pinkberry on Social Media Today!

Like Pinkberry on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter today to stay updated on the latest from your local frozen yogurt shop! To find the location nearest you or browse their best frozen yogurt flavors and toppings, visit their website.