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Anchorage Auto Repair Center’s Top 5 Cars to Get Excited About in 2017 March 22, 2017

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Anchorage Auto Repair Center’s Top 5 Cars to Get Excited About in 2017, Anchorage, Alaska

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for car enthusiasts. The experts at one of Alaska’s best auto repair shops, Dean’s Automotive Service Center, put together a list of their top five cars for 2017. Take a look below and see which one you’d like to take for a spin.

Top 5 Most Exciting Cars for 2017

1. Honda Civic:

Not only does the 2017 Civic maintain past models’ reputation for affordability, but it also boasts a stylish new body. As always, this new Civic gets great mileage and is just as reliable and easy to maintain as its predecessors.

2. Audi A4

Luxury car buyers will fall in love with the Audi A4. Between good gas mileage and technologically advanced details—like the ability to sync with both Apple and Android phones—drivers will enjoy the lower maintenance costs compared to similarly high-end models. For “luxury on a budget,” the A4 comes out on top.

Auto Repair3. Prius

The New Toyota Prius is a plug-in car with enough improvements to give it the best MPGs of any hybrid on the market. It also comes with a redesigned body that elevates the classic Prius look to a sleeker aesthetic. As the technology has matured, auto repair and maintenance for plug-ins is easier and more affordable.

4. Honda Pilot

For a nice midsize SUV, hop into a Honda Pilot. Roomy enough for family trips and comfy enough to keep the kids from getting antsy, the Pilot’s smooth ride makes it feel more like a large sedan than a midsize SUV.

5. Chevy Tahoe

For large SUVs, the Tahoe is the favorite of Kelley Blue Book® for its comfort, style, and affordability. This big SUV is perfect for everything from long trips to boat towing, it’s an excellent truck.

Whatever you’re driving, Dean’s Automotive Service Center is the go-to auto repair shop in Anchorage, AK. Dean’s is a long-running Better Business Bureau member and treats every customer like family. Call for an appointment at (907) 276-5731 or visit them online.

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