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Different Techniques for Dog & Cat Boarding March 21, 2017

Hilo, Hawaii
Different Techniques for Dog & Cat Boarding, Hilo, Hawaii

When looking for a reliable dog or cat boarding service, you need to ensure your pet will be in skilled and compassionate hands. The best kennels understand that dogs and cats have different lifestyles and will take separate approaches to caring for them.

Alpha K-9 Kennels in Hakalau, HI, treats every pet like family. With exercise and grooming services, your companions can come home clean and happy, and you can feel satisfied with the pampering they received. Below, Alpha K-9 Kennels describes their methods of care for your precious dogs and cats.

Different Techniques for Dog & Cat Boarding

Dog Boarding

Most kennels provide each dog with their own food and water bowl, as dogs are territorial and don’t like to share their food. If you approve of your dog playing with others, it will be allowed to greet fellow dogs in the yard and get to know them. Otherwise, they will stay in their own space and enjoy private walks with the kennel staff. Owners may also provide their dog’s favorite toy so they feel comforted while staying away from home.

Cat Boarding

Each cat will have their own food and water bowl, as well as a personal litter box to keep things sanitary. They will also have a private area and a perch to themselves—that way, they don’t get into fights with other cats. At Alpha K-9 Kennels, cats can watch the birds that occupy the farm.

Dogs and cats have different habits, and a great kennel will respect that by caring for them differently. Dogs need more attention and exercise, while cats need their own space and one-on-one attention to feel at home. At Alpha K-9 Kennels in Hakalau, HI, dogs and cats enjoy plenty of space and a caring environment they’ll want to come back to. Call today at (808) 963-6000, or visit the website for more information.

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