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Satellite Dish Service Experts Explain How Satellite TV Works March 14, 2017

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Satellite Dish Service Experts Explain How Satellite TV Works, Auburn, Ohio

Satellite dish service, like the DISH® Network, allows you to flip on the television and watch your favorite shows and sports events at the touch of a button. But have you ever wondered how your satellite dish service works?

Advantage Satellite in Chagrin Falls, OH, is a local, authorized DISH Network retailer. They explain how your satellite TV service works so that you can get all the programming you need at the price you want.

Satellite TV uses a wireless system for delivering programming into your home. The programming is transmitted via a radio signal using antennas called satellite dishes. These transmissions are broadcast systems that use satellites orbiting the Earth. Unlike broadcast television, whose transmissions can be blocked by large objects, the satellites that orbit above Earth can reach a wide array of customers because the signal can be seen by many more people.

The signals travel a great distance before they show up on your screen as a baseball game or your favorite comedy or drama. The digital data that they carry has to be compressed before it can be sent—otherwise, it would be too hard to send. When these signals are compressed, any extraneous information is removed before the data is transmitted and then reassembled when it arrives at your home. The data has to go through an MPEG encoder to convert this programming to the correct size for the satellite receiver at your house.

When the signal finally reaches your house, it is captured by the satellite dish mounted on your home. This dish is a special antenna that is made up of a bowl-shaped surface and a feed horn. The feed horn receives this signal and sends it to the LNB (low noise block) that then amplifies the signal and converts it to the frequency needed to transmit over a cable or an IFL (Interfacility Link) and send it to the satellite receiver. The satellite dish receiver then sends that signal to your television where you can browse a wide selection of channels and choose your favorite shows.

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