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7 Things You Should Never Put in The Garbage Disposal if You Want to Avoid Broken Pipes November 13, 2014

Kaimuki, Honolulu
7 Things You Should Never Put in The Garbage Disposal if You Want to Avoid Broken Pipes, Honolulu, Hawaii

The unsettling cranking noise of a broken garbage disposal is something no homeowner wants to hear. You're definitely not going to stick your hand down there to see what got stuck, and even if you did, the chances of resolving the problem on your own is slim to none. While they are meant to tackle food particles, garbage disposals are sensitive pieces of machinery that need to be treated as such.

If you want to avoid a damaged garbage disposal, or worse, broken pipes, you should take a few precautionary measures. You can always rely on the plumbers at Fast Rooter Plumbing to tackle the problem, but your best bet is avoiding an unnecessary plumbing issue altogether. How?

Here's some advice on what not to put in your garbage disposal so that it lasts much longer:

  1. Rice and pasta: No matter how many times you ground it up, these foods absorb water like crazy and expand.
  2. Grease: Oil solidifies and will build up in your pipes; this will clog your drain up real fast.
  3. Egg shells: These clog up your drain, and despite a popular myth that's been circulating, they do not sharpen your blades. The membrane of the egg can actually wreak havoc on the blades. It is better to compost them!
  4. Coffee grounds: They initially go down fine, but over time the little bits of sediment add up and cause problems.
  5. Vegetable peels: Anything stringy or tough, like potato, celery, and asparagus peels, is dangerous. Compost these too.
  6. Animal bones: This may seem obvious, but that doesn’t stop people from trying. No matter how good your garbage disposal is, it won’t be strong enough to break down bones.
  7. Pits and seeds: Avoid putting in big pits and seeds, like avocado pits, peach pits, and cherry pits. They will rattle around in your garbage disposal and it will not sound good.

Should you fail to adhere to these warnings, you'll likely need an affordable and efficient plumbing service. Give Fast Rooter Plumbing a call today at (808) 734-4938 and schedule an appointment! Visit their website for more information on their services.

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