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The Natural Medicine Treatment for Immune-Related Diseases March 15, 2017

North Bethesda, North Bethesda
The Natural Medicine Treatment for Immune-Related Diseases, North Bethesda, Maryland

The immune system is designed to protect the human body from external infection and internal cellular mutations that can become cancer cells. However, the immune system can attack the body’s own unhealthy cells, prevent cancer happening. But if the immune cells mistakenly attack certain normal cells which trigger an autoimmune disease.

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An antigen is any substance that triggers an immune response. An antigen is often foreign or toxic to the body (examples are bacteria, viruses, germs, or certain foods that cause immune responses). Once it’s in the body, the immune system produces specific antibodies as a reaction. An antibody is a soluble protein molecule produced by B cells in response to an antigen, which is capable of binding to that specific antigen.

Natural medicine (including acupuncture and herbal medicine, Chinese medicine) treats autoimmune diseases mainly by focusing on reducing antigens and antibodies reaction, and the internal environment, as well as regenerate new calls to replace the damaged cells. Natural medicine treats immune system-related diseases in the following ways.

The way to treat infections is not only to suppress the antigen, but to balance immunity as well. For the patient who has an allergy to pollen or food, the natural medicine treatment is to avoid continued exposure to the antigen and to treat the symptoms that the patient has. Once the patient enters the remission phase, the treatment will mediate the disordered immunity, reducing the patient’s immune sensitivity until the allergy is healed.

Blocking the immune reaction reduces the inflammation, protects the cells that may be damaged, interrupts the cellular communication, and reduces the antibody production. This gives damaged cells a chance to regeneration. At the sometime, when the antibody has no chance to find out the antigen in the body for a period time the immune memory could be washed, the clinic we can see the antibody from positive turn to negative, finally the immune related disease might be healed.

For damaged cells, the treatment works on the cell membranes to strengthen them and protect cellular lyses.

Natural medicine works in the organ of the affected cells to increase or decrease its function. It also mediates the internal environment to:

  • Prevent the antibody from continuing to damage the antigen (certain cells)
  • Clean the pathological contents that come from damaged cellular lyses
  • Clean the pathological fluid caused by effusion and exudates
  • Recover the damaged vessel
  • Dissolve the fibroses
  • Increase circulation
  • Give new cells the chance to generate
  • Control the inflammation

Doctor Guangpi Xu and Doctor Wanzhu Hou have over 40 years of experience using both Chinese and Western medicine to treat immune-related diseases. Visit All Natural Medicine Clinic  for acupuncture or a holistic medicine consultation. Call the Rockville, MD, alternative medicine experts at (301) 770-4480 to book a consultation.


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