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5 Benefits of Adding Linoleum Flooring to Your Home March 20, 2017

Sunset Acres, Lincoln
5 Benefits of Adding Linoleum Flooring to Your Home, Lincoln, Nebraska

Linoleum is one of the greener flooring options available to homeowners. It’s made from tree resin, linseed oil, cork dust, recycled wood flour, and mineral pigments. According to the experts at Carpet Land, a flooring company in Lincoln, NE, linoleum flooring is also naturally biodegradable, but its many benefits do not end at being environmentally friendly.

5 Benefits of Linoleum Flooring

1. Low Maintenance

Homeowners love adding linoleum flooring to their kitchens, dining rooms, and other areas where spills are expected to occur more frequently. This is because linoleum is water resistant, and it is incredibly easy to remove dry and wet spills with a mop or some soapy water and a towel without any worry of damage occurring.

2. Affordable

Compared to many other flooring options, linoleum is on the cheaper end of the pricing spectrum. This can be a very useful solution for homeowners in the midst of a full-home remodel who are trying to save money without sacrificing quality.

3. Versatile

linoleum flooring lincoln neThe design possibilities are always growing with linoleum flooring. Today, you can find it in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and thicknesses, and it is not uncommon to find patterns that closely resemble real wood, granite, or stone and can easily pass for these more expensive materials.

4. Durable

Linoleum flooring is an excellent option for any room in your home that receives a lot of foot traffic. The color in the material goes all the way through so you do not have to worry about your design losing its vibrancy after a few years of being walked on.

5. Air Friendly

If you have allergies, you won’t have to worry about your flooring choice affecting your home’s air quality if you select linoleum because it has antimicrobial properties. This means it inhibits the growth and spread of harmful microorganisms. Plus, since it is anti-static, dust and dirt have a harder time sticking to it.

If you are currently updating your home’s flooring and looking for a more economical and eco-friendly option that will last for decades, stop by Carpet Land and ask about their linoleum options. For more information about this flooring company, call (402) 467-6363 or visit their website or Yelp page. Also, don’t forget to follow them on Twitter for more tips.

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