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How Your Fence Can Affect Your Property's Worth March 20, 2017

Kalispell, Flathead
How Your Fence Can Affect Your Property's Worth, Kalispell, Montana

Many homeowners wonder how much their fence affects their property’s worth. Your properties worth can be raised significantly by quality fencing. Boundary Line Fence of Somers, MT, explain how a fence may change a buyer’s perceptions.

Fences add a layer of security to a home and help potential buyers feel more confident. Setting a perimeter around your property helps to keep intruders out, and keep children and pets in. This can make a property very desirable to those for whom safety is a concern.

FenceFencing can also shield your home from prying eyes. If privacy fencing has been installed, it allows the residents of a house to feel at ease knowing that their every movement isn’t on display to strangers.

Attractive fencing also adds a great deal of curb appeal to a home. Whether it’s an ornamental iron fence, a charming wooden garden fence, or a classic white picket, it can catch the eye and accent a home and yard. Added features like gates or a built-in mailbox can be particularly appealing to those who are comparing potential properties. Be warned, though, that a damaged or dated fence can have the opposite effect, as the buyer will likely have to spend additional money to repair or replace it.

If a home buyer desires a fence, they are likely to gravitate to a property that already has one they like. The benefits of not having to install fencing can boost the amount they are willing to spend to acquire a property. Quality fencing is a sound investment for the future and the present.

Residents of Somers, Kalispell, and the Greater Flathead Valley have trusted Boundary Line Fence to add value to their properties since 2006. Call (406) 309-5010 to discuss your fence needs and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

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