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Water Damage Restoration Specialists Explain How to Prevent Moisture Problems March 20, 2017

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Water Damage Restoration Specialists Explain How to Prevent Moisture Problems, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Whether you experience a burst pipe, an unexpected flood, or a leaking roof, water damage can devastate your home. Fortunately, taking measures to prevent such a disaster is easy and will help you avoid an unfortunate situation. Solid Management Disaster & Restoration Services is here to explain how to prevent water damage in your home. Based in Pagosa Springs, CO, they offer 24/7 emergency services, including water damage restoration, water extraction, mold removal, and disaster cleanup. Here, they explain how to avoid moisture issues in your home.

water damage restorationWater problems can cause serious, expensive damage, but paying a little extra attention to your property will prevent a minor issue from turning into a disaster. Start by evaluating the areas where moisture might collect outside your house. Always disconnect your hose during the cooler months—if an ice block forms in your hose, it could result in a burst pipe. Keep your gutters and downspouts free of debris, and ensure rainwater is flowing away from your home. Finally, get a professional landscaper to prune your trees so their roots don’t obstruct your pipes.

Preventing water damage also requires taking a careful look at the inside of your house. Anytime you notice a leak, address it right away—basic maintenance will help prevent a small trickle from turning into a massive flood. You should also check any appliance connected to the water line, such as dishwashers and washing machines, for leaks. Finally, keep an eye on your water bill. A sudden jump in costs might be a clue water is leaking somewhere in your home.

Should a leak cause issues in your house, the water damage restoration specialists at Solid Management Disaster & Restoration Services will provide prompt, effective solutions to address the problem. To speak with the disaster cleanup experts of Pagosa Springs, call (970) 946-4561. You can also like them on Facebook to learn more.

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