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3 Possible Dangers of Ignoring a Dead or Damaged Tree March 20, 2017

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3 Possible Dangers of Ignoring a Dead or Damaged Tree, Madison, Ohio

While healthy, thriving trees can improve the state of your landscape and give you nice shade on warm days, a dead or damaged tree is a dangerous nuisance that should be removed immediately. According to 1st Class Tree Service in Middletown, OH, a dead or dying tree can cause serious problems for you if immediate action is not taken.

3 Dangers of Dead & Damaged Trees

1. Property Damage

damaged trees middletown ohWhen a tree on your property dies or sustains storm damage, it increases the likelihood of its limbs falling off. Depending on its location, this could result in costly damage to your home, vehicle, or even a neighbor’s property.

2. Power & Utility Line Damage

If a dead tree drops limbs or starts to fall over, it could take down nearby power and utility lines. This could result in power outages for you and your neighbors, who will also probably not be too happy with you afterwards. You could even knock out your neighborhood’s phone lines, including the 911 emergency phone system, which puts a lot of people at risk.

3. Injuries

Dead or damaged trees are more likely to fall over and hurt someone below them. Worse still, if this were to occur, you could be held responsible for all the medical bills and suffering the person and their family went though. Any accident on your property could also cause your home insurance costs to go up as a result.

Avoid these dangerous situations, and contact an emergency tree removal service to get rid of the dead or damaged trees on your property today. To schedule an appointment with 1st Class Tree Service, call (513) 932-8746. You can also visit their website to learn more about how they’ll keep your trees looking great all year long.

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