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A Helpful Guide for Proper Diamond Care March 20, 2017

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A Helpful Guide for Proper Diamond Care, East Northport, New York

While diamonds are well-known as the hardest substance on earth, many people mistake this for indestructibility. According to J&M Jewelers in East Northport, NY, diamond jewelry is still susceptible to chips, scratches, and everyday wear and tear. Luckily, you can avoid this by learning how to take care of your most prized pieces.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Diamond Care

Diamond Don’ts

  • Don’t Wear Them During Strenuous Work: Whenever you use your hands to perform hard labor, take off all your diamond jewelry and keep it in a safe place to avoid accidental chipping.
  • Don’t Let Them Near Bleach: When diamonds make contact with bleach, the harsh chemical increases the risk of discoloration and damage. Remember to remove your engagement or wedding rings whenever performing household chores.
  • Don’t Store Next to Other Jewelry: All of your diamond jewelry should be placed in individual compartments or wrapped in soft tissue paper. That way, it will stay separate from other jewelry pieces and avoid scratches.

Diamond Do’s

  • diamondsDo Inspect on Each Wear: Each time you pull a diamond piece from your jewelry box, inspect it to ensure the setting is secure and the prongs display no signs of damage.
  • Do Schedule Annual Examinations: To confirm your diamond pieces are in good condition, schedule an examination with your jeweler at least once a year. They will inform you if any repair work is needed and give your jewelry a thorough, professional cleaning.
  • Do Clean Them Regularly: In the midst of your daily routine, your diamond pieces will make contact with skin oils, creams, food, dirt, and chemicals. To clean them, place your jewelry in a mix of warm water and a few drops of non-abrasive ammonia every one to two weeks. Then, gently scrub the diamonds with a soft-bristled toothbrush, rinse them, and dry each piece with a soft, clean cloth. 

When you require professional diamond cleaning and repair services, contact the experts at J&M Jewelers. Speak to one of their helpful staff members today by calling (631) 486-9600, or visit the website to learn more about their jewelry services.

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