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3 Reasons to Take Care of Automotive Service Before Spring March 20, 2017

Randolph, Morris County
3 Reasons to Take Care of Automotive Service Before Spring, Randolph, New Jersey

As the ice thaws, the sun emerges, and winter slows to an end, it’s the perfect time to take your car in for automotive service. If you’re enjoying the warmer weather, Woody's Automotive of Mount Freedom, NJ—located in Randolph Township—is happy to serve you. Their ASE-certified auto repair experts will provide your ride all the maintenance it needs for a smooth transition into spring and summer. 

What makes the coming weeks ideal for an auto tuneup? Here are a few reasons to take advantage of this opportunity: 

  • automotive serviceShake Off the Winter Wear: Winter can be a brutal time for vehicles of all makes and models. From frigid temperatures to extreme driving conditions, your car’s inner workings will need a serious pick-me-up. In particular, your tires, alignment, suspension, and brakes will benefit from extra attention after winter.
  • Change Filters & Flush Fluids: Going in for automotive service just before the spring and summer months is also a great opportunity to replace filters, change oil, and flush fluids. These essential car care measures will boost your engine's first line of defense while clearing out the grime that accumulated over the past season.
  • Prepare Your Car for Heavier Use: As tough as winter may have been on your car, you'll be putting it to work far more often in the months that follow. Any planned or spontaneous road trips call for preventative maintenance—the last thing you want is an unexpected breakdown just as the outdoors are calling. 

Don't let car problems bog down what should otherwise be an exciting change of seasons. Head to Woody's Automotive for a reliable tuneup that will keep your vehicle up and running when you need it most. Check out their website for more information on their automotive services, or call (973) 252-1144 to schedule an appointment today.

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