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Whenever we’re faced with difficulties, we find comfort in those we know and trust. People we can count on to do their very best to help us. This is especially true when a loved one has died. If, at this very moment, this is your experience, please know the members of our professional staff in Webster, NY are your friends and your neighbors. Each of them cares deeply about the people living in our community and will become your ally during this time…and long after.

5 FAQs About Funeral Planning & When You Should Start March 20, 2017

Webster, Monroe
5 FAQs About Funeral Planning & When You Should Start, Webster, New York

Funeral planning is a tricky topic most people avoid discussing at any cost. However, according to the funeral directors at Falvo Funeral Home, serving Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas, your passing is not the time for this subject to be discussed for the first time. To prevent your loved ones from being overwhelmed with all the logistical and financial responsibilities of planning your funeral service, you should start making arrangements as soon as you can.

5 Common Questions About Funeral Planning

1. What Are the Benefits of Pre-Planning My Funeral?

Other than ensuring your final wishes are documented for your family to carry out, funeral pre-planning protects your loved ones from being forced to make difficult decisions while they are grieving. It also guarantees all or the majority of the funeral costs are covered so your family members are not stressed over whether they spent the right amount on your service and burial.

2. Is a Will Necessary to Begin Planning My Funeral?

funeral planning webster nyWhile a will is a helpful tool to ensure your loved ones are taken care of once you are gone, it is not necessary to have one when you begin the funeral pre-planning process.

3. Should I Pre-Pay for My Funeral?

To avoid future funeral inflation costs, you can pre-pay for your service now. Most funeral homes will allow you to either make a single payment or monthly installments. This will help to cover all possible accommodations you might require in the future.

4. Is Pre-Planning Necessary if I Have Life Insurance?

Having life insurance is a good thing. It protects your loved ones from being saddled with any debt you might have accrued; however, if you avoid pre-planning in lieu of relying solely on these funds, your family will have to pay for the funeral up front and at the current rates. They would then have to submit a claim to the insurance company and hope to be fully reimbursed. If a pre-paid policy is in place, the costs of the funeral will already be covered, and your family does not have to come up with out-of-pocket funds.

5. How Do I Begin Planning My Funeral?

You can start making funeral arrangements by setting up an appointment with your local funeral director. They will go over all the important questions you need to answer and work out a plan that will meet your financial capabilities.

If you live in Rochester or the surrounding areas, contact the directors at Falvo Funeral Home to begin figuring out all your funeral arrangements. Schedule an appointment with them today by calling (585) 872-1010. You can also learn more about funeral planning by visiting their website.

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