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3 Steps to Hiring a Residential Irrigation Contractor March 20, 2017

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3 Steps to Hiring a Residential Irrigation Contractor, Glennville, Georgia

Water wells and pumps are necessary components for a residential irrigation system, but installing these items is a complicated job that requires a knowledgeable professional. How can you make sure your contractor is up to the task? King’s Pump and Technical Service provides a variety of well services in Glenville, GA, and their experts have some valuable tips for homeowners who are looking for a reliable contractor.

Make Sure They’re Qualified

Always find out if your contractor is qualified to do the job. In some states, contractors are required to be licensed, which verifies that they have the skills and knowledge to do the job. If your state does not require qualification, look for references online and ask for recommendations from neighbors. Your impressions of the contractor's past work can help guide your decision.

Get a Contract

residential irrigation Glennville GABefore the team breaks ground, make sure you understand every step of the residential irrigation process. Ask your contractor for proof of insurance and get the specifications of the job in writing, including a project timeline and cleanup agreement. A written contract guarantees that you won’t be left disappointed by your contractor.

Assess the Costs

A skilled contractor will be able to give you an itemized list of their services, materials required, and the associated costs. Don't hesitate to ask questions about costs you don't understand, or you may end up paying far more than you wanted. A thorough list will help you keep track of your budget and decide whether you are satisfied with the estimate.

To work with the most reliable contractors in the Glennville area, contact King’s Pump and Technical Service. They have experience with all aspects of residential irrigation including automatic sprinkler and deep well installation. To find out about their many services, call (912) 654-0149, or visit their website.

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