Hamakualoa Ahupua`a, Hawaii

Have an Older Home? Prevent Electricity Overloads With Pro Wiring Inspections March 20, 2017

Hamakualoa Ahupua`a, Haiku-Pauwela
Have an Older Home? Prevent Electricity Overloads With Pro Wiring Inspections, Haiku-Pauwela, Hawaii

Older homes may contain electrical wiring that are either out-of-date or unable to keep up with modern electricity usage. If you’ve recently moved into an older house, or it’s been decades since its last electrical inspection, The Sonshine Solar Corp. highly recommends scheduling one now. Serving businesses and residents of Haiku, HI, with quality solar panel installation for over three decades, ensuring safe wiring is an important part of their business. 

Poor Breaker Box Capacity

One of the most common (and frustrating) symptoms that indicate a re-wiring is needed is when your system frequently shuts down from electricity overload. One example of such a scenario might be if you can’t run your microwave at the same time as the vacuum cleaner. Your breaker box may also trip seemingly at random, or the lights may flicker. If this describes your home, it may either be due to an out-of-date breaker box, or one that simply can’t handle your required electric load.

Poor or Out-of-Date Wiringelectricity

Homes built before the 1930s, whose electrical systems have never been upgraded from the old-fashioned wire-and-tube style wiring, pose a serious safety hazard. The worn out wiring and deteriorated insulation make the whole system susceptible to electrical fires. To avoid electric shocks and fires, make upgrading your system a priority. Signs that your wiring needs replacing may include electrical outlets that feel warm to the touch, a burning smell, buzzing light switches, and discolored outlet covers, which may be smoldering or melting on the inside.

The only way you can be sure your wiring is safe is by getting a professional home electricity inspection. For questions about scheduling an appointment, or to have your home outfitted for solar energy, give The Sonshine Solar Corp. a call at (808) 575-7444. More information about their electricity services is available online.

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