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Local Remodeling Experts Explain: What Is an Accessory Dwelling Unit? March 20, 2017

Local Remodeling Experts Explain: What Is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?, Honolulu County, Hawaii

You might have heard the terms “granny flat,” “mother-in-law suite,” and “in-law apartment,” but did you know these are just different ways of saying accessory dwelling unit (ADU)? If you aren’t sure what any of these terms mean, the remodeling contractors at DJ’s Construction in Aiea, HI, explain what an accessory dwelling unit is and why one might be a good option for your home.

What Is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

An accessory dwelling unit is a second, smaller space attached to your home or property. Above-garage apartments, basement units, and small backyard cottages are all considered accessory dwelling units. ADUs belong to the property owner and are regarded as part of the estate. This means they can’t be sold separately and are legally part of the original or main property.

Accessory dwelling units also present a rental income opportunity for the homeowner or an extra, separate space to house family members. You can remodel an ADU out of existing spaces or create a new addition to your property.

What Are the Benefits of an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

accessory dwelling unitOwning property with an ADU can bring in rental income to help offset the cost of your mortgage. This might mean you can pay your mortgage off sooner or earmark the funds for other costs and maintenance to your home. Another benefit to having an ADU on your property is housing family members. Aging parents or grandparents often want to live independently but close to family. ADUs offer the best of both worlds. They are also a good option for older children who moved home after or during college and are looking for more independence and separate space.

If you think you’ll benefit from adding an accessory dwelling unit to your property, call the home remodeling specialists at DJ’s Construction at (808) 487-3202. For more information on all of their services, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, new home construction, and custom-built decks, visit their website.

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