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Boston Real Estate Agent Explains 3 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home March 20, 2017

Downtown Boston, Boston
Boston Real Estate Agent Explains 3 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home, Boston, Massachusetts

Selling a home isn’t always easy, especially if you want top dollar for your property. Although most people understand the importance of decluttering their space and working with a great real estate agent like the professionals at EXIT Bayside Realty in Boston, MA, many people wonder what else they can do to boost their home’s sale price. Here are three ways to improve the value of your home before you list it and why working with the right real estate agent is crucial. 

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior is the first thing that buyers will evaluate, which is why you should do everything you can to improve your curb appeal. Focus on trimming your landscaping, tidying up front porch areas, and repairing siding to make the best first impression.

Renovate the Right Rooms

If your home needs a little work, focus on renovating the areas that have the highest return on investment. For example, since most people consider the kitchen the heart of the home, major kitchen remodels have a 66% return on investment, which means your money will be well spent.

real estate agentStage Your Home

Clearing out your furniture might make your space seem more open, but it could also create an empty, uninviting feeling that can drive down offers. To spark interest and encourage bidding wars, invest in professional home staging. Research has shown that staged homes spend less time on the market and sell for 17% more than unstaged houses.

If you still aren’t sure how to improve the value of your home, schedule an appointment with a real estate agent from EXIT Bayside Realty. In addition to meeting you at your home and giving you personalized advice, these real estate agents are dedicated to doing everything in their power to market your home effectively. For more information about this dynamic brokerage, visit them online or call (617) 265-6111.