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A Custody Attorney on 4 Ways to Facilitate a Smooth Transition March 17, 2017

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A Custody Attorney on 4 Ways to Facilitate a Smooth Transition, Andalusia, Alabama

Divorce is rarely easy, especially when kids are involved. Navigating custody arrangements is one of the more difficult aspects of divorce, and making sure that your kids’ emotional health and well-being is maintained can be daunting. The custody attorneys at Jones & Jones PC Attys At Law offer the following tips for making the divorce process easier. for your children.

Custody AttorneyKeep Lines of Communication Open

When it comes to custody and your kids, open communication is key. From the initial discussion to questions that may arise down the road, it’s important for your children to know they can freely express themselves throughout the process.

Present a Unified Front

When possible, families should discuss custody issues together. Presenting solidarity will assure kids that they are still loved by both parents, and a change in living arrangements won’t affect that. In cases where tensions are running high, parents can inform children individually to avoid more stress.

Try to Keep Routines

It’s also important to maintain routines as much as possible. Kids are often comforted by knowing what to expect on a daily basis, and too many drastic changes at once can be distressing. While it may not be possible to keep all former routines in place, maintaining a semblance of order helps.

Custody AttorneyRefrain From Bad-Mouthing Your Ex

While it may be tempting to speak negatively about your ex when discussing custody, this can have a detrimental effect on kids. Your children likely look at themselves as an extension of both parents and may interpret any negative talk as a reflection of them.

If you have questions regarding divorce and family law, Jones & Jones PC Attys At Law has the legal acumen necessary to give you the answers you need. Call (334) 222­-3161 today to arrange a consultation with a custody attorney in Andalusia or visit them online.

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