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10 Surprising Facts About Your Plumber March 17, 2017

Pine Grove, Amador
10 Surprising Facts About Your Plumber, Pine Grove, California

At some point, every homeowner needs to call a plumber. These experts tackle a variety of repairs from overflowing toilets and leaky faucets to clogged drains and sewer lines. What you may not know is that this profession has a rich and often humorous history.

The next time you’re waiting for a plumber to arrive, remember these fascinating tidbits about the trade:

  • Origins: Plumber comes from the Latin word plumbum or lead.
  • History: The earliest plumbing systems date back to 3000 B.C. The ancient Egyptians were adept at drainage construction and created water systems for agriculture and burial rituals.
  • plumber Sutter Creek CAPlungers: Did you know there are two types of plungers? One is used for a toilet and the other is used for a sink or shower. Sink and shower plungers are flat. Toilet plungers have a narrow portion at the bottom that creates a seal around the drain.
  • Famous Plumbers: Classic video game characters Mario and Luigi are plumbers.
  • A Relative Fan: Albert Einstein once declared he would be a plumber if he could go back and change his career. Afterward, he was made an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union.
  • Manhole Covers: Manhole covers are designed as circular objects so that they can’t fall through their own openings if turned sideways.
  • Super Bowl Myth: There is a long-standing myth that Super Bowl Sunday threatens the integrity of water systems across America because of excessive flushing. 
  • Causes of Clogged Pipes: Plumbers across the world have reported finding unusual things in pipes, including false teeth, underwear, live animals, and bedsheets.
  • Funny Terms: Some plumbing terms are quite odd, such as sweating the pipe, which means soldering two pipe fittings together. A ballcock is the floating mechanism in your toilet’s water tank.
  • The John: John Harrington invented a flushing toilet in 1596, and the nickname “the John” was born. Similarly, toilets are nicknamed “the crapper” because a plumber named Thomas Crapper made them popular.


All jokes aside, plumbing repairs are a serious matter. Amador Plumbing Co. of Sutter Creek provides service for homeowners throughout California's Amador, Calveras, and El Dorado counties. Call (209) 754-5444 for 24 hour assistance from an expert plumber. You can also learn more about their services online.

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