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Dental Implants or Dentures? March 20, 2017

Kalispell, Flathead
Dental Implants or Dentures?, Kalispell, Montana

For years, dentures were the typical replacement for individuals who were missing teeth. However, recent developments have made dental implants an attractive investment.  With extensive experience operating in the Greater Flathead Valley, the office of Potthoff Ronald B DDS PC knows all the advantages that both implants and dentures have to offer.


Dentures are a type of fitted mouthpiece that attaches to the gum using an adhesive. They are best for people with unhealthy gums or weak jaws, or for whom dental implants are an impossibility. Since they were first created centuries ago, dentures have become stronger, more natural looking, and more attractive.

No longer are they made of bone or ivory, but modern synthetic materials that hold up to wear and tear. They are also more affordable than dental implants. However, dentures have a downside; they can shift during eating, which can cause mouth discomfort.

Dental Implants

dental implantsDental implants are imitation teeth that are fitted into your mouth through a surgical procedure, which your dentist will perform. These implants have a more natural feel inside the jaw, won’t slip like dentures, and have an incredibly long life.

Dental Implants can also replace a single tooth, rather than covering a section of your mouth. However, implants can be more costly and aren’t recommended for people with weakness in their gums or jaws. They also aren’t covered by insurance in some cases, making them less affordable.

So, are dental implants or dentures best for you? For an informed answer, have a consultation with the office of Potthoff Ronald B DDS PC, which has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry. They’ll be able to discuss the details of each procedure, help you navigate your insurance, and leave you with a brand-new smile. If you need more information, contact them at (406) 755-5280.  

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