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Is Your Manufacturing Facility as Clean as It Looks? March 20, 2017

Montgomery, Montgomery
Is Your Manufacturing Facility as Clean as It Looks?, Montgomery, Ohio

If you operate a manufacturing facility, its cleanliness doesn’t go overlooked. Not only is facility maintenance pivotal for employee health, but a lack of care could also result in shutdowns and product issues. With regular visits from a commercial cleaning service, your facility will stay fresh and hassle-free, eliminating potential issues. 

If you’re curious about cleanliness, the professionals at Ohio’s Alpha & Omega Building Services offer advice on where to look, so you can ensure that your maintenance facility is as clean on the inside as it looks on the outside.

What to Know About Facility Maintenance Care

1. Evaluate the Production Floor

Taking a thorough walk-through of your production area is pivotal, as it’s the primary area that a commercial cleaning service will concentrate on, the area where your product is assembled, and the key to your success. It’s also where all the work gets done, resulting in unknown damage to machinery and equipment. Checking these over for dirt and bacteria ensures that they have no place in your facility; also, don’t forget to check the production line itself.

2. Eliminate Leftover Equipment

facility maintenanceDon’t let leftover boxes pile up in or around your facility, as they offer a breeding ground for unwanted pests. If you use specific tools or equipment temporarily, store them after use. It’s easy to forget about leftover or unused items, but letting them sit easily results in the spreading of dirt, grime, and germs. 

3. Don’t Forget the Outside of Your Facility

Since the outside of your facility is the first surface that anyone sees, you need to keep it well-maintained. Industrial custodial services are masters at cleaning even the hardest-to-reach outdoor areas, ensuring that pests don’t have a place to breed and dust and dirt don’t pile up. Not only does this present a fresh appearance, but it also keeps these unwanted guests from getting inside.

For over 30 years, Alpha & Omega Building Services has been providing Ohio and Northern Kentucky with high-quality industrial custodial services and facility maintenance, ensuring that your manufacturing facility always stays clean and fresh. Their three convenient locations in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton offer experts who will make your property shine both inside and out. Visit them online to learn more and get started today.

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