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Your Home has Radon. Can You Still Sell It? March 17, 2017

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Your Home has Radon. Can You Still Sell It? , Monument, Colorado

Selling your home is a grueling process. Maybe you need to replace your flooring, tear down trees in your backyard, and replace your kitchen appliances. On top of that, you had your property inspected, and it tested positive for high levels of radon. You may not have known much about this radioactive gas before, but you do now—and you know it’s a problem. But can you still sell your house? Here, the experts at All American Radon in Monument, CO, and Hastings, NE, explain what to know.

radonSince radon is invisible and unscented, you may be lamenting having radon testing done in the first place. However, doing so is vital to protect both your family and future families who will live in your home. Plus, real estate documents in Colorado and Nebraska require radon disclosures, which means your prospective homebuyer must be aware of the situation at hand. Fortunately, you can still sell it without putting others at risk or staving off potential buyers.

If you have high levels of the gas in your home, the best course of action is to implement a professional radon mitigation system. This system will keep the air quality in your home purified and clear of hazards. It will also ensure it’s up to Environmental Protection Agency official standards. In fact, having a mitigation system in place can actually attract potential buyers. It shows that you have taken the time to address every aspect of your home and initiated the appropriate protocols to ensure it’s in top-quality condition.

To learn about how radon mitigation can improve your home’s safety and ensure it’s ready to sell, contact the experts at All American Radon. Call a helpful professional today at (888) 767-2366 or visit the company’s website for more information. You can also check out the premier service on Facebook.  

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