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Learn to Love Eating Healthier with Organic Food at Smokey Burger Organic in NYC December 5, 2013

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Learn to Love Eating Healthier with Organic Food at Smokey Burger Organic in NYC, Manhattan, New York

Are you a burger lover? If you're in the mood for a delicious and healthier alternative for lunch or dinner, feast your sights on one of New York City's hidden gems, Smokey Burger Organic.

Smokey Burger Organic is a unique organic restaurant located in Theatre District of the Midtown neighborhood that boasts the freshest, organic ingredients for delicious burgers, wraps, shakes and more! As a healthier alternative to chemically processed foods, this burger joint is one of the best in the city!

Whether you are in the mood for organic chicken, beef, bison, or veggie burgers, there's something for everyone at this organic food restaurant. Some of Smokey Burger Organic's signature dishes include:

  • The Smokey Burger
  • The Romeo and Juliet Burger
  • The Mucho Nacho and more

Each burger at Smokey Burger Organic is also seasoned to perfection and includes gourmet toppings. Yet, the only thing at this restaurant that's better than the burgers is the detail oriented decor and intimate setting which makes Smokey Burger so unique!

Inside the restaurant, the narrow space is outfitted entirely in wood. The picturesque atmosphere resembles that of a cozy lodge to most New York diners, with rustic, unfinished beams, stained chevron wall paneling and beautiful finishing to the glossy tables. The natural woods and "green" materials used in abundance at Smokey Burger Organic truly bring nature inside, while you enjoy a great food-friendly experience.

Be adventurous and daring with the blend of flavors and different tastes at this restaurant, or choose a great burger made of organic ingredients and make it your new favorite. Other popular dishes on the menu include the Big Boss Burger, Kobe Beef Sliders, Power Booster, and the Grab a Crab Burger.

You can also pair your meal with organic milkshakes and/or fries at this restaurant. If you are looking to cater a big event for your business or corporate office, Smokey Burger Organic also provides everything from preparation to delivery for any business/corporate luncheon or dinner, holiday party and more!

Whatever your appetite desires, the large variety of organic ingredients offer everything from Salmon and Kobe Beef to Bison and Ostrich (if you're really adventurous). The selection of great beers at this restaurant will help your experience to feel more like a feast.

For a delicious night out, and a break from the ordinary, indulge in extraordinary organic food with a great time at Smokey Burger Organic.