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4 Things You Should Know About Hard Hats March 17, 2017

Bayonne, Hudson County
4 Things You Should Know About Hard Hats, Bayonne, New Jersey

With the millions of workplace injuries that occur each year in the US, it’s important for any company to take a look at how they are protecting their workers from injuries. This is especially true when it comes to hard hats, which help employees avoid brain injuries. Safety Supplies Unlimited in Bayonne, NJ, works to make sure safety is always the number one priority on any job site. Here are some important facts they say you should know about hard hats.

4 Must-Know Facts About Hard Hats

1. Not all Hard Hats Provide the Same Protection

Not all hard hats are created equal. The ones you choose for your workers will be based on their specific duties and the potential hazards they may face. If they could potentially incur electrical shocks, for instance, they need a hard hat that is equipped to handle those issues. Class G helmets protect a worker from low-voltage hazards, while a Class E helmet will provide the highest defense against electricity while also offering impact protection. Class C helmets are great for protecting against lighter impacts, but they provide no protection against electricity.

2. You Should Inspect Hard Hats Before Use

It’s important to have your workers thoroughly check their helmets before and after use. By inspecting it each and every time, they will be able to catch any damage that could affect the reliability and durability of the equipment. 

3. They Need to Be Replaced

hard hatsRemember: No matter how durable a hard hat might seem, it will not last forever. Being exposed to the elements can take a toll on any safety equipment. Most helmets should be replaced entirely every two years, and the built-in suspension should be replaced at least once a year.

4. Employees Shouldn’t Paint Their Hard Hats

Painting their hard hats might seem like a fun way for your workers to distinguish themselves from the pack, but tell them to resist the urge. Why? The paint could easily erode and damage the helmet, which means it will no longer provide ample protection against workplace hazards.

Nothing is more important than providing hard hats and other personal protective gear to ensure your workers are safe. When you need reliable safety equipment, turn to the Bayonne-area experts at Safety Supplies Unlimited by calling (201) 436-4200. Check out their inventory online

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